This message (“THE EUROPEAN FOOD MASTERS – TASTE THE AUTHENTIC/EU FOOD MASTERS”) refers to high-quality products that are produced within the European Union and have been labelled as P.D.O. and P.G.I. products. As for the slogan (“TASTE THE AUTHENTIC”), it is used to highlight the authenticity and uniqueness of these products.

The main goals of this programme are the promotion of P.D.O. and P.G.I. products in Greece, Germany, and France, along with the improvement of their competitiveness, the rise of their level of recognition by consumers and, ultimately, the increase of their availability & commercialisation.

The campaign runs under the tagline “Enjoy, it’s from Europe.”

Within the framework of the “European Food Masters…Taste the authentic” campaign, the following P.D.O. and P.G.I. products are showcased and promoted in Greece, Germany, and France:

  • Vorios Mylopotamos Rethymnis Kritis olive oil P.D.O.
  • Viannos Irakliou Kritis olive oil P.D.O.
  • Kolymvari Chanion Kritis olive oil P.D.O.
  • Messara olive oil P.D.O.
  • Peza Irakliou Kritis olive oil P.D.O.
  • Sitia Lasithiou Kritis olive oil P.D.O.
  • Chania Kritis olive oil P.G.I.
  • Graviera Kritis P.D.O.
  • P.G.I. Cretan wines
  • P.G.I. “Kritiko paximadi” (Cretan rusks)
  • P.G.I. “Stafida Soultanina Kritis” (Cretan Soultanina raisins)
  • P.D.O. “Pefkothymaromelo Kritis” (Cretan pine & thyme honey)
Promotional Program of P.D.O. & P.G.I. ProductsDownload PDF (9ΜΒ)