Organic Products and Consumers

Organic agriculture and livestock products bear a certification label and hence consumers can easily recognize and choose them among others. The certification label guarantees that these products are made using organic methods.

Organic products bear the EU logo for organic products with the designation «Organic Agriculture (or Cultivation) Product». Similar labels, such as «Healthy Products» or «Natural Products» are completely different and should not be confused with the organic product certification.

The logo depicts (on a green background) the twelve stars of the EU shaping a leaf («Euro-leaf») and is a very simple and clear way for consumers to recognize organic products.

The product description label also informs the consumer about:

  • the name of the company or individual that produces and / or packages the product
  • the accredited Certification & Inspection Body that inspects and certifies the organic product
  • Finally, products that bear the designation “Organic Product – Transitional Stage” can also be considered as organic (the designation concerns only products of plant origin, whose cultivation is under conversion).