P.D.O. - P.G.I. - Organic products


Protected Designation of Origin

Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.) products:

  • Originate from a defined geographical region or place
  • Their characteristics are due to a particular geoclimatic environment in combination with natural and human factors
  • All stages of production are carried out within the defined region
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Protected Geographical Indication

Protected Geographical Indication (P.G.I.) products:

  • Originate from a specific geographical area
  • At least one of their quality characteristics or reputation is due to the region of production
  • At least one of their production stages takes place within the defined region
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Organic products

Organic products are certified agricultural and livestock products produced with sustainable methods and principles. The demand for organic products increases constantly in line with consumer needs and preferences.

Certified organic products undergo strict controls and restrictions that ensure health benefits for both the producer and the consumer, the protection of animals and the environment and, above all, the high nutritional value of the final product.

In organic farming and livestock breeding, alternative ways of dealing with diseases and pests are used to produce products free of pesticide residues, chemical fertilizers and antibiotics.

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