Participation in the International Food and Beverage Exhibition FOOD EXPO 2023

Dynamic and impressive was the presence of the Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete, at the international food and beverage exhibition „FOOD EXPO 2023“, held at the METROPOLITAN EXPO exhibition centre in Athens.

The Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete participated with its member-companies, in the largest exhibition of the food and beverage sector, held in Greece, „FOOD EXPO 2023”

As part of the implementation of the European program „THE EUROPEAN FOOD MASTERS TASTE THE AUTHENTIC/ EU FOOD MASTERS“ funded by the European Union, the Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete gave the opportunity to its businesses-members to participate. Certified products of Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication such as olive oil, cheese, honey, raisins, wine and paximadi (rusk) were the products that the hundreds of trade visitors of the exhibition experienced and tasted.

This year’s event was attended by over 1.300 exhibitors from Greece and abroad, while 32.000 visitors, traders and consumers and 900 Hosted Buyers participated.

The businessmen of Crete, who participated in the exhibition, held a large number of commercial meetings with significant foreign buyers and importers from all over the world. 

The messages they received were incredibly positive. The response to the island’s products was extremely high. Many trade meetings have been held, with the prospect of these meetings yielding trade agreements in the near future.

A large number of contacts were also made with domestic companies and catering professionals from all over Greece, who were impressed by the high level of quality and standardization of Cretan products.

The crowd of visitors also had the opportunity to taste the P.D.O. and P.G.I. products at a gastronomic event held at the Agronutritional Cooperation’s stand.

The Executive Chef, Nektaria Kokkinaki, cooked delicious Cretan recipes with P.D.O. & P.G.I. products, which were tasted by many guests, receiving very positive feedback.

In addition, in the specially designed area within the exhibition at the „Mediterranean Gastronomy Forum“, the „Cretan brunch“ was presented by Stavros Tzedakis, Vice-Regional Governor of Crete and President of the Agronutritional Cooperation, while chefs prepared recipes, such as sandwiches and salads.

In a statement Stavros Tzedakis said: „It was another successful action of those we implement as Agronutritional Cooperation of the Region of Crete, under the European programme. Our main purpose is to promote and project the certified products of Crete. The products of our island have a comparative advantage because of their quality and their unique taste and nutritional value. Through this collective effort of ours, we aim to promote and empower them in the markets. This will result in gaining surplus value for the benefit of the producers and entrepreneurs of Crete“.